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Naked In December

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I guess I missed this one... [10 Aug 2006|10:44pm]

that's odd. I hope I didn't miss any others. without further ado:

Title: Costumes
Fandom: HP
Characters: Lily Evans/James Potter
Prompt: 046. King
Word Count: 100, says Microsoft Word.
Rating: PG.
Author's Notes: Moo? My table will be in my info shortly.

an exclamation-point-filled existence.Collapse )
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; [10 Aug 2006|10:34pm]

this is my most recent. I wanted to write something. about immortality. it's slightly longer. it involves remus, james, sirius, and lily, in no particular order.

summer, and she was seventeen.Collapse )
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two! [10 Aug 2006|10:31pm]

there are two drabbles this time. they are slightly pg-13/R. featuring james potter and lily evans.

again, I warn you: these have naughty bits.

ExquisiteCollapse )

Was that a challenge?Collapse )
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. [10 Aug 2006|10:29pm]

don't read too much into this one. there aren't really any parallels in my personal life, but..I wanted to write it? I was listening to the song.

So please hand me the bottle, I think I'm lonely nowCollapse )
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hey look, its longer than a few hundred words! [10 Aug 2006|10:25pm]

something other than just a tiny drabble :D

Title: A tragedy in threes
Fandom: HP!
Characters: James and Lily and Sirius (though not necessarily in that particular order)
Word Count: 822 (not counting lyrics)
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: it's not a drabble! gasp! well, it's not quite long enough to be a fic...but it's too long for a drabble. whatever. three parts, inspired from three verses of Endless I from Floater. don't whine steven my dear, I do so like this song.



obviously not canon as certainpeople do not die in their teenage years, but...I like it. it's pretty.
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minerva. [10 Aug 2006|10:23pm]

I wrote this one for istalksnape :) it's a minerva fic!

starlight swishCollapse )
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! [10 Aug 2006|10:22pm]

at last...the first HP drabble I wrote.

Title: All will be well
Fandom: HP!
Characters: Lily/James
Prompt: Touch
Word Count: 135 (not counting lyrics)
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: I have this gorgeous, soft, lovely song stuck in my head that I heard on a commercial for Conviction.
all will be wellCollapse )
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[10 Aug 2006|10:20pm]

a drabble about notebooks, secrets, and memories.

we all have our bad habits.Collapse )
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hooray! [10 Aug 2006|10:18pm]

finally, a happy drabble! it's based off of my intense fondness for summer, and the feelings I have about other seasons.

happy, for once.Collapse )
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you can't sleep if i can't [10 Aug 2006|10:14pm]

a lot of these are based somewhat off of me. they're written when I have strong emotions or thoughts...so don't read too much into them, but they're all genuine.

at night she dreams.Collapse )
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[10 Aug 2006|10:12pm]


she wonders if she's brave enough.Collapse )
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kisses everyone goodbye and waves her middle finger high.. [10 Aug 2006|10:06pm]

another random. damn, I had a lot of those.

she never makes it past the door.Collapse )
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[10 Aug 2006|10:04pm]

Yes. Last summer, I wrote a lot of random things, ie not-hp-things. I blame alexis for converting me to that.

another random oneCollapse )
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[10 Aug 2006|10:02pm]

TITLE: ice cream abandonment
RATING: oh let's go with R.
PAIRING: hazel + alexander. yet again, more random characters.
NOTES: written in present tense, just to see if I can do it without jumping back to past tense. I blame english teachers.

walking on sunshineCollapse )

looking back on this, it's terrible. I apologize.
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[10 Aug 2006|09:58pm]

TITLE: it might have been a cold night
RATING: ...haha. R, to be safe?
PAIRING: randomboy1, aka Adrian, and randomboy2, aka Balthasar (I chose random names. sue me.)
NOTES: I am very, very bored.

goosebumps on his arms and doubt in his eyesCollapse )
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drabble. [10 Aug 2006|09:51pm]

this is a random drabble. it has no characters in particular; it's just something I wrote last summer.

drabble.Collapse )
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And so it begins. [10 Aug 2006|09:44pm]

01. I love you, Eidy.

02. I love you more than I love CJ Cregg & Allison Janney. Together.

03. And you write beautifully. ♥
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